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Al Dana Expo

2, 3, 4 April 2020

The Ritz Carlton, Bahrain

Booths Sizes and Prices

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Participation Contarct

This Contarct was concluded between Laillabella Events Company (Bahraini establishment speciclizing in high-end exhibitions under Commercial Register No. 2-82976) represented as the first party with the parting shop represented as the second party.

Whereas, the first party will organize the annual Al Dana expo at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel for 3 days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday the 2nd , 33rd and 4th of April 2020, From 10 am to 10 pm.


The booths are divided into the following:

Lobby Area
2 x 2.5 m
I hanger rail stand or 1 table and shelving unit, mirror, small table, 2 chairs, electrical wiring, garbage bin and a sign for shop name.
515 BD
Main Hall Entrance
3 x 3 m
3 hanger rail stands or 2 tables and shelving unit, mirror, small table, 2 chaires, electrical wiring, garbage bin and a sign for shop name.
725 BD
Main Hall
3 x 3 m
3 hanger rail stands or 2 tables and shelving unit, mirror, small table, 2 chaires, electrical wiring, garbage bin and a sign for shop name.
660 BD
Main Hall
3 x 3 m
3 hanger rail stands or 2 tables and shelving unit, mirror, small table, 2 chaires, electrical wiring, garbage bin and a sign for shop name.
595 BD
Main Hall
3 x 3 m
2 tables, shelving unit, 2 chairs, electrical wiring , garbage bin and a sign for shop name.
515 BD

**All prices are VAT inclusive

  • To request any other additions for the booth such as (mirror, additional relationship), A request must be made to the organizer 3 weeks before the exhibition. In the event that the materials are available in the hall on the day of the exhibition, we will be pleased to provide them to you upon request in exchange for insurance value.
  • An insurance amount for the additional parts, valued at 20 dinars, will be paid for each piece. The insurance amount will be returned if the parts are received in a proper condition. The insurance amount will be returned if the parts are received in a proper condition.
  • The use of the booth is only for the second party participating in the exhibition and it is not permissible to participate in the shop by two people without the prior approval of the organizing committee (participation is allowed only on medium booths (B) and VIP booths (M).
  • It is strictly forbidden for tow shops (two exhibitors) to participate in small booths (L), and if a breach of this condition is detected, the second party violating the contract will be fined breach of contract additional 400 dinars.

The second party is committed to the area of the chosen booth according to the following controls:

  • When choosing the viewing area on the corner, the second party will only adhere to the closed space limits and not to place any stands on the sides of the open corridors. In the event that the second party violates this condition, the exhibition administration will take appropriate measures to control the second party.
  • Placing the advertising materials inside the booth’s boundaries only, and not placing them in the corridors or the main hall entrance.
  • The second party is obligated to coordinate it’s booth, as it deems appropriate, and there are no additional costs for the first party to coordinate the booths provided to the second party.
  • The second party or his representative must be present in the shop throughout the exhibition period between 10 am to 10 pm, whereby the second party or his representative must adhere to good appearance and tactfulness during the exhibition.
  • The second party is obliged to announce his presence in Al Dana expo on social media in Bahrain and abroad to market the exhibition.
  • In the event that the second party wishes to provide foreign labor for the time of the exhibition, the first party can provide this seller for BD 3 an hour. The foreign seller shall be received immediately after the end of the exhibition time on a daily basis.

Secure reservation and payment Proocess:

The value of renting the booth is paid once the contract is signed, and the first party will not comply with its duties unless the second party pays the full value of the contract and the priority to the first person who comes with the application form.

If the second party wants to withdraw after confirming the reservation, there will be a cancellation fee:

Cancellation after March 10th: 50% of the participation fee.
Cancellation after March 20th: full participation fee.

Exhibition timings, installation and evacuation:

The first party will deliver the agreed booth to the second party one day before the date of the exhibition once the booths are installed, so that the second party can prepare it.

Exhibition times:

Thursday, April 2nd, from 4 pm to 10 pm
Friday and Saturday, April 3rd and 4th, from 10 am to 10 pm

The exhibition ends at 10 pm so the second party must prepare for vacating their spaces quietly and cooperate with the organizer in terms of their quiet and orderly exit from the hall.

We recommend that you take all the precious needs with you and not leave them on the booth unattended, the organizer and the hotel will not be responsible for any loss or breakage of any goods, every person will be the first and last responsible for the transfer of their and goods to and from the booth.
Assistance will be provided by the hotel and the organizer to facilitate the fast and smooth transportation of goods to the exhibitors’ booth.

The process of buying and selling:

  • The first party is committed to facilitating the shopping process by allocating a “Credit Max” point at the entrance to the hall, where the second party can use this service in exchange for 3% of the value of the goods sold, as a local tariff deducted by Credi Max, and for participants from outside of Bahrain, a transfer fee of approximately 25$ will be deducted.
  • Each participant must ensure that the received receipt of the transaction is signed and stamped by the organizer.
  • The first party is obliged to issue a cheque with the value of the total amount of the balances and it will be delivered to the second party at the end of each day of the exhinition, and the first party is not responsible for the loss of the cheque or that is was not cashed on time or after its expiration (6 months) in the event that the second party fails to spend it on time.


The task of volunteers is limited to the process of organizing and assisting in arranging booths and caring for participants in terms of any deficiencies or obligations on the part of the orgabuzer and assisting visitors in moviung effectively between the pavilions of the exhibition. The hotel is responsible for providing trolleys for transporting goods to and from cars.

Traffic and Parking:

The process of regulating traffic in parking lots will be intensive to ensure the comfort of all participants, guests and organizers, so please kindly cooperate with the security and the organizer in following the traffic and safety regulations in parking lots. The duty to follow is to wait and stop, leaving any car in the situation designated by the security factor, and then loading the items in and out of the car.

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